Gelert Home Improvements


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What Is The Business Of Gelert Home Improvements ?

Gelert Home Improvements is a Roofing Services And Repairs located at 58 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1HJ . They can be contacted on 07903 388135 or you can find out more from the website at The business is based in Bedminster in the county of Bristol

Does The Business Have A Website Where  I Can Have A Look At Their Products And Services?

The products and services that Gelert Home Improvements provides  can be found at the Gelert Home Improvements Website or by calling 07903 388135

What Other Businesses Are In Bedminster ?

You can find other businesses and companies in Bedminster here and other business in Bristol here

Bedminster is a area in Bristol in the South West Of England

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Wozup South West is a business and news portal with the aim to help businesses in the South West including Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire, Cornwall, Bristol, and Gloucestershire promote their products and services digitally.

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Update on COVID-19 Grant Funding - 25 August

The government has announced that unclaimed grant funding under the Small Grant and Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant schemes must be returned by local authorities to the Treasury by 31 August.

This means that eligible businesses which haven’t claimed yet could lose out. There is currently £1.5bn of £12bn funding unclaimed.

The funding is in the form of a grant and therefore non-repayable. Businesses who meet the eligibility criteria for the schemes do not have been closed during the lockdown period or even adversely affected.

Members who have a business rates liability should check the government eligibility criteria here. even if you do not actually pay business rates due to being relieved under the Small Business Rates Relief scheme.

Click here to visit the website for more information on the Small Business Grant Fund and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund.

Click here to visit the website for more information on the Local Authority Discretionary Grant Fund.